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A Pro’s Seating Set-Up Tips To Best Engage Your Audience

By Liora Mendeloff, President & Founder, Women Speakers Association
Santa Monica, CA USA

If you ever had a question about the best seating set-up for your presentation, Kristin Arnold, High Stakes Meeting Facilitator, main stage conversationalist and author of “Boring To Bravo” breaks it down for you in her recent blog post, “Audience-Centered Seating For Your Presentations”. Kristin let’s you in on how one set-up can create a focused audience, while another can totally drain their energy. She touches on everything from how to avoid creating blocked views and literally a pain in the neck for your participants and the best solution to keep your audience connected with you. Click here to check out the details of her post.

Liora Mendeloff is a Speaking Industry Expert, with 20+ years of experience behind-the-scenes with some of the world’s greatest thought leaders, government officials, celebrities and entrepreneurs, in helping them fulfill their vision.  Liora’s driving force is to facilitate getting women and their core message out into the world, the purpose behind her newest venture, the Women Speakers Association and her company, the secret tool used by the Pro’s to get seen, get booked and get paid!

Liora Mendeloff is Co-Founder of Woman Speakers Association (WSA), THE go-to place for innovative leaders, change-agents and women with a message to connect, collaborate and grow their visibility worldwide in order to fulfill their mission. As the first-ever global community for women speakers, WSA provides a platform for women to get seen, booked and paid AND be part of a growing network reaching women in 120 countries on 6 continents. Whatever her “stage”…be it the classroom, a boardroom, the floor of the U.N., Liora is dedicated to empowering women to authentically express themselves, build a thriving, prosperous business and cause serious transformation in the lives of their clients, companies, communities and the world.

With 20+ years experience behind the scenes in the speaking industry, Liora is keenly aware of its evolution. Her belief that “collaboration is the new currency”, is at the core of WSA and her work as a Strategic Partnership Strategist. Having adopted this view early in her career as COO for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Foundation, it remained at the heart of her career path as a joint venture broker, virtual book tour promoter and booking agent for prominent women thought leaders, best-selling authors and conscious entrepreneurs.

A passionate mapmaker and maverick at heart, Liora is bound and determined to shake up the status quo and break new ground for how women grow their business, their bottom line and broadcast their message to the world.

Liora serves on the Boards of Global Women’s Empowerment Network, Women’s National Book Assoication LA, World Trust Foundation and the Advisory Boards of California Women’s Conference and Trusted Team. She is also a Founding Member of Association of Transformational Leaders.

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