What’s In Your Speaker Success Kit?

Congratulations On Equipping Yourself With The Right Tools To Support You In Being The Most Successful Speaker You Can Be!

Here’s What’s In Your Speaker Success Kit:


1. eSpeaker Starter Membership – Get your profile in our new SUPERCHARGED Online Member Directory ($170 Value)

We want to support you in getting seen, booked and paid! As such, we’ve partnered with eSpeakers, the largest provider of online directories for the speaking industry worldwide.  As a WSA Premier Member, you receive a complimentary eSpeakers Starter account (normally $179 USD/year) for the life of your WSA Premier Member. FYI – when you set up your profile, it will not only appear in our member directory but in the Global Speaker Federation (GSF) membership directory too AND you have the option to make your profile available to other bureaus for inclusion on their websites as well.

Our WSA Online Member Directory is visited regularly by event promoters, meeting planners and the media who are looking to identify and book speakers and industry experts. The first step to getting seen and booked right from our site, is to complete your WSA member profile, powered by the eSpeakers technology.

Beginning in January 2014, your profile will appear in our new-and-improved Online Member Directory.  Check out all the new features, including the ability to securely handle all contracts and payments directly through our Directory to make the process easy and safe. (Please know that when you are booked through our Directory, a 10% handling fee will be applied.)

And don’t forget that eSpeakers is the first complete business management system designed for professional speakers by professional speakers. That means you receive a ton of other services and solutions to support you in your speaking business beyond featuring your profile in our Directory.

Set up your free eSpeakers Account today and tap into all the advantages and benefits of the world’s most proven and successful speaker management solution.


Get Your Talk Done Banner

2. Get Your Talk Done! ($279 Value)

Here is your exclusive gift so you can have your talk ready for any stage feeling more prepared and poised. As a speaker and feminine leader, you will become more clear, more confident and even more compelling when you dive in and join us to “Get Your Talk Done™!”

In this custom-designed “Get Your Talk Done™” WSA Edition, you get templates and worksheets so you:

–   Know how to clearly design your talk in a way that keeps you on track AND allows your audience to follow you from start to close

–   Structure your core message and teaching in a way that gets personal and provides tons of value that is both relatable AND relevant

–   Share your story from your heart so you create deeper rapport, connection AND open up the space for greater vulnerability and authenticity for you and your audience

–   Have a format you can use over and over for quick presentations, ‘elevator speeches’ or giving a keynote, whether you’re speaking for a few minutes, a few hours or even a few days on a live or virtual stage

You will also be invited to a customized webinar with Feminine Leadership Trainer Tracey Trottenberg and WSA Founder Liora Mendeloff, which will:

–   Walk you through each of the templates and worksheets

–   Answer the most frequently asked questions

[NOTE: This  webinar will be pre-recorded so you can access it at a time that works best for you.]

This custom program includes worksheets you can use right away plus specific tips and strategies to know how to create a deeper connection with your audience and build your confidence as a speaker. Though designed as a template, we will share this as more of a “road map” that you can make your own. You can use it from start to finish in sequence, or if you miss a step when you’re on stage, you can easily get back on track and find where you are and where you’re going.  This also allows you to ‘dance in the moment of inspiration’ because you’re prepared. You can be spontaneous and know how to lead your audience to the close. That’s freeing on any stage!

This program will help build your confidence and create deeper trust, credibility and connection with your audience. You’ll have more fun when you speak with greater authenticity and exude your true passion. That’s juicy and true feminine leadership as a speaker!