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Gaining book visibility with Blog Talk Radio

By Kathleen Gage, The Street Smarts Marketer

A great way to gain visibility for you and your book is with radio interviews. An author who is engaging during an interview is likely to sell more books than one who does no radio at all. Mind you, radio is not an end all be all, but it is a great tool for potential readers to get to know you, like you and trust you.  In addition, when you incorporate Blog Talk Radio into your marketing mix your SEO increases.

So where do you start? A quick search on the Blog Talk Radio main site will offer plenty of choices. Before diving in determine the following:

-Who is your reader?
-What is the hook of your book?
-What can you talk about that would be of interest?
-How much time do you have for interviews?

Based on the answers do a search on topics that would be of interest to your reader. For example if your book is about selling you could feasibly be a guest on shows that address topics on business, entrepreneurship, sales strategies and success to name just a few.

Once you find potential shows approach the host. Most hosts will consider an author who is prepared when they inquire about interview possibilities. Preparation includes:

-Why you would be a good guest on their show
-Previous interviews you have done
-A bit about your background
-What your book is about
-A bio sheet

In some cases the host will ask for a copy of your book. Be willing to send them a review copy. After all, the more they know about you and your book the more likely the interview will be exactly what their listeners will be interested in.

Kathleen Gage, The Street Smarts Marketer™, has owned and operated her business for nearly two decades. Kathleen is recognized as a creative and effective Internet Marketing Adviser who works with consciously committed coaches, speakers, authors and consultants who are ready to turn their knowledge into money-making information products and life impacting services.

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