By Candace Newton, Speaker/TV Producer/Talk Show Host

I began my organization, Unlocking Secrets for Women because of my commitment to closing the gap in education, motivation and encouragement on behalf of women and their families.  We are committed to doing whatever is necessary to unlock the secrets of what prevents women from breaking through barriers in thought, success and powerful living. My passion grew over the years towards the empowerment, education and well being of women everywhere.  “I grew a natural compassion for women’s issues, watching my mother and other women face challenges with self-esteem, violence and emotional pain.”  I believe that women hold the key to the engagement of relationships and understand more than anyone – the true purpose for power is to only to empower others. In the spirit of that understanding, I believe that the Women Speakers Association utilizes the strength of women to inspire, engage, educate and motivate change that reflects on what we share in common rather than what drives us apart.  I am proud to be a part of an amazing group of women dedicated to being catalysts for positive change in today’s often-complicated world.

Candace Newton is an inspiring speaker, adult educator, talk show, event host and successful television producer, as well as an experienced MC. With over 25 years experience, Candace continues her passion of educating and helping women and their families from all walks of life in any and all issues that need to be addressed.