You’ve written a book. Great. It positions you as an expert. So how do you get a jump start on folks buying it, reading it and referring it?


By forming ALLIANCES, that’s how!


This is a major key to your success. Who we associate with determines where we go. Your prosperity is in the nucleus. I could tell you where you’re going based on the books you read and those people who are a part of your inner circle. You’ve got to read good things as well as associate with good people. Forming alliances is key.



Partnerships = Power


Earvin “Magic” Johnson has book, “32 Ways to Be a Champion in Business.”  I have the book and I love it! One thing he talks about in the book is joining forces with others and how that can bring big rewards. Magic Johnson has been pretty savvy about joint venturing. He joint ventured with numerous theatres, soda pop companies and even Starbucks. So, besides forming alliances, I also encourage partnerships and joint ventures as essential marketing tools.


We’ve done countless press releases and all kinds of e-blasts. We’ve had book signings and created great websites, postcards and bookmarks. But, we’ve left out one key that we’ve seen at the forefront of the campaign of President Barack Obama. That key is organizing the community and really pulling together. President Obama used the community as his sole resource throughout his campaign and hence, won the race. Learn how to use your resources.


Your main resources are each other. Your resources are key people – those that are part of your team, your dream team, those who will assist you as you grow in your business and ministry. The best marketing strategy is to create synergy with others.


How to create marketing that creates synergy energy:



We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. You should listen twice as much as you talk.  There are people on social media channels who simply post, post, post and never take the time to read anyone else’s blog or updates.  They never take time to look around the site to see what resources are there. They never send anyone else a message. They go in, post their work, and it’s like wham bam — I’ve put my stuff in so I’m done.


Many are trying to brand their product or service, but that’s not really branding – it’s more or less like spamming.


The purpose of a social network is essentially to develop relationships. Whether you’re part of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Chocolate Pages, the point of it is not just to collect people like rocks and put them to the side. Form relationships with people.  If you learn enough about a person, you will know what their strengths are and how they can possibly help you.  And if you tell them more about what you do, you may be able to help them as well.



There are members of the network I created, Chocolate Pages, that live in the United Kingdom and some who reside in Los Angeles. Some live in the Mid-West and some in the South.  But we all have one common goal: to let the world know about our books! Iron sharpens iron. Your ministry will go much further if you partner with others. Partnering gives you limitless opportunities that you cannot produce alone. You can gain more buzz for your book by combining your strengths with others’ strengths. We are not in competition with each other! Work with each other and you are guaranteed to go further. What you do for others God will make happen for you. We know the principle. We learned it in church, but it’s time we apply the principle to our lives. God will set up divine connections for you that you will propel you to your next level.



Make time for success. After you complete your work day, — don’t surf the net while at work, maintain integrity — instead of watching TV from 6.00 to 9.00 at night, spend time on the Internet. Listen to blog talk shows. If you haven’t listened to the Chocolate Pages blog talk show, take a listen. That’s just one of many! has many virtual shelves that explain how to gain internet publicity. Also, I have a new show at that concentrates primarily on Internet publicity, marketing and book promotions. This is just one more resource that will help brand your ministry, grow your business and build your platform for your book.  Your book is a business!


When you have a book, you have another stream of income, not just a book.  Keep in mind, you’re building a business.



In my book, Synergy Energy, I list approximately 30 various trade shows and conferences that are scheduled throughout this year. You may want to participate as a visitor or you may choose to have your own booth so people can gain information from you. To cut costs, you can even partner with another author to have a booth at the Book Expo of America or the ICRS show. You not only save money, but you both get to promote your book so it’s a win-win situation.  Also consider that if you buy a booth by yourself, you will not be able to network with other vendors because you won’t be able to leave your booth. Consider bringing along a partner so that you may take full advantage of the resources available.



If you know different authors that have had success with book clubs, you can ask them for contact information for their particular book club. Many blog sites actually do reviews of books and author interviews. Partnering with them is a great way to expand your voice. Radio station announcers are always looking for creative ways to reach out to their listeners. By providing them with books that they can give away to their callers, you gain publicity and essentially free radio advertisement. This is called trade for mentions.



If someone buys a book by Kim Brooks that doesn’t mean they can’t buy a book by Stacy Hawkins Adams.  If it’s in the same genre, it would be good to work together because if a consumer likes Kim’s books, they may very well like Stacy’s books. Mail your post cards with advertisements for both authors’ books to libraries, church bookstores and general bookstores. Remember, we are not in competition with each other. There are people who do read more than one book a year so they can read yours as well as another author’s.




There’s a group called The Anointed Authors on Tour.  They travel different parts of the country as a team promoting their books and performing book signings. Each person has a set responsibility to make the tour a success. This is proof of how authors can gain great success by working together. Many authors have very similar topics. Their perspective may be a bit different, but both authors can benefit by creating buzz for their audiences and cut not only the cost, but the work, in half.



When an author has a book release, it’s as if the author has just given birth to a new baby! You congratulate them! Everyone who gives birth likes to hear that their baby is beautiful, so take the time to go to their book release. Offer to blog about their new release via your personal blog or e-mail. Ask that author to send you some bookmarks and flyers that promote the new book and place them at your own book table when you market your product.


When you bless someone else, it is guaranteed to come back to you.  The key to remember is if you learn to give and release, God will work a miracle. Just expect it. When you give unto someone else you live in abundance. Those that give usually are the ones that receive the blessing back.  Those that are afraid, stingy and selfish tend to get more negative energy. In the end, it really blocks your own blessings. We always want to be a blessing to each other.


Let’s Make It Happen


Partnerships will multiply your influence, your impact and credibility. It will often cause your publishing career to soar to new heights. By helping others to succeed, you become a success as well. Learn to market together – and create some synergy energy.


As Liora of WSA says, “collaboration is the new currency.”


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