Welcome to the first ever Women Speakers Association Launch Party! I’ll have the pleasure of being your hostess. My name is Bri Clark. I’m the Marketing Strategist, Community Liaison and Founding Premiere member here at the WSA.

What is an online launch party? Why are we having one?


  • Heather Porter and her team have come together and worked diligently to provide this amazing digital creation you see before you known as womenspeakerassociation.com. And we thank her a billion times over.
  • We want to CELEBRATE! To celebrate the voice of the 21st century…our members voice, councils voice, team’s voice, our partners voice!


  • An online celebration shared through numerous people where something “new” is the centerpiece. In addition, it’s just good practice to give away party favors. Party favors being in the form of contests where prizes can be won.
  • Our Centerpieces will post each day on the blog. These voices will be sharing with you information, ideas, and tools we think you need to know.
  • Some of our Centerpieces…
    • The new website
    • Surprise new partners
    • New “Voices”
    • “Voices” of  our amazing members
    • Prizes
      • Tickets to international conferences
      • Digital downloads of bestselling eBooks and tools from experts
      • One on one time with some of the top people in their fields.


Don’t be stingy now. Our amazing example of a president , Liora Mendeloff, has taught me that “Collaboration is the new currency.” With that said we invite you to share our posts each day with those in your networks on Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, Twitter, and even your email list.


With this handy little tool called Rafflecooptor we will make it easy for you to not only enter (Yes you better enter! We love our members) but to share each days post and contest.


Remember ya’ll the more voices that join us the louder and stronger we become. And we are the voice of the 21st century.


I’m so privileged to play with ya’ll. Thank  you ever so much.


Check out day 2 of the Launch Party where Liora Mendeloff talks about how Collaboration is the new currency and your first chance at prizes is on!


Bri Clark
Belle Consulting
Literary Strategist, Author, Speaker, Social Media/ Platform Consultant

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