TraceyTblogSo many women want to get out and speak, and are feeling the urge now more than ever before.

It feels like it’s about to burst! Not just the momentum that women are having, but the feeling inside that’s getting more urgent and ready to be birthed.

I know what that’s been like throughout my own journey – times when the voice inside of me, the bigness inside was screaming ‘let me out’.

My clients and tons of women confess this to me all the time.

But there’s something in the way that’s like a hidden vampire that’s sucking the blood out of the very juice of what you want.

To speak and be effective, you have to stand.

So many women want to speak, but don’t really want to stand.

Of course I don’t mean the vertical position of being upright on both legs standing! (image of someone on stilts)

I mean choosing to take a stand in a way that you’ve possibly, and probably, never stood before.

It means standing for your greatness, your gifts and your voice – no matter what.

It means standing for your dreams and what you want, going for it – not letting circumstances, people, finances, or anything get in your way.

It means standing in a consciousness that is not status quo – that your desires and your dreams MUST have the resources, the money and the way to fulfill it.

It means standing for your own wealth consciousness, permission to be bolder and holding yourself AND YOUR CLIENTS AND PROSPECTS in a higher way than ever before.

It means standing for your YES more than your NO.

Here’s a quick story about a client of mine that had a game changing breakthrough in this.

It was 2 years ago and one of the hardest conversations I’ve ever had.

I reached out to a woman that I met the year before. Her dream has always been to speak and she was doing it on a small scale. When we spoke, she knew it was time to take it to the next level. After a conversation, she wanted to work with me and though she wasn’t sure how she was going to do it, she knew she was a yes. So she asked me to call her back the next day so she could sleep on it.

When we got back on the phone, she tells me that her and her partner just broke up. They have 2 small toddlers.

My heart breaks open for her and, I’m totally confronted by what to do. Part of me wants to console her, give her loving encouragement and let get off the phone.

But the bigger part of me knew that she wanted this and was a yes. I knew this was divinely appointed and I had something that would make a difference for her, at this exact time, and in the midst of what looked like horrible timing.

So I didn’t get off the phone. Instead we talked about her joining the program now.

She didn’t think it was responsible. She didn’t see how she could do that right now.

I only saw her yes.

She struggled and was torn up about it.

My gut was wrenching with ‘how could I be talking to her about signing up for a program when she’s going through this?!’ What kind of person am I….(can you relate?)

Another woman would have backed off, and in the past, I would have backed off too.

But I knew her yes was bigger and more real. I knew what it was like to be stood for, because my own mentors stood for me like that in the past when I was in the eye of the needle.

Though her reasons were good and strong – I got it – I knew that the work we would do would free her and give her what she needed to move past this.  I was unshakable in my stand for her yes and the work. And the divine appointment that was happening.

So I stood in her yes. I told her that’s what I was doing and there would be no reason she could give me that would change my stand. Not that I didn’t feel her pain and concern. But I KNEW her yes.
It was bold. It was scary. AND it was incredibly feminine.

She felt it. She received it. She rose and took a stand for herself, like no other. She signed up that day.

We dove into the coaching and went to work immediately. She was grateful for the structured support.

Not two weeks later she called me crying, to celebrate that she had just sold her highest priced program to two new clients. She was crying from joy and gratitude because she took a stand for these women to move forward in the face of her fears and perceived lack.

She was crying because she got to stand for someone else the way she was stood for.

What about you?

Ask yourself:

How can you speak powerfully and own the stage, any stage, if you don’t fully stand for yourself and others?

How can you fulfill what’s in your heart, ready to burst forth, if you wobble, stop and hold yourself back?

Your potency with others, on any stage, will be a direct reflection of your stand for yourself first.

This takes work. Let’s get to it!

TOPIC: How to be authentic and powerful on stage… while staying feminine