Lori WebbLori (Marie) Webb
#1 Amazon Bestselling Author, International Speaker and Founder Indspark™ and Elevateher™
Copenhagen, Denmark



Lori Webb is a professional conference host, speaker, author, media specialist and entrepreneurial and social tech evangelist. She has stood on stages for over 30 years hosting conferences, delivering speeches or hosting workshop trainings on a variety of topics (from leadership to tech) to audiences from 30 to 5000 across 7 countries.

Her strength is her ability to engage audiences, support organizers to enhance the overall experience and provide unusual insights from her multi-faceted background that combines entrepreneurship, authorship, trendspotting, sustainable thinking,media, tech, fashion and service. While these may appear scattered, the fact of the matter is that with the amount of time Lori has spent in each, she has developed a strong interwoven tapestry that is the foundation for creative thinking, innovative solutions and enhanced experience for virtually any field.

Her credentials are long, varied and include being a three time # 1 Amazon Bestseller, reaching millions through her trendspotting for Springwise.com, her M.Sc. in Information Technology and role as a social media and online pioneer.

If you are looking for an out of the ordinary, dynamic, knowledgeable and engaging speaker on entrepreneurial trends, the social web, cross-cultural diversity or creativity than contact Lori (via booking@indspark.com.)

Lori is American, but has resided in Copenhagen, Denmark for almost 30 years.


WHY WSA? I joined WSA as a Founding Premier Member because the mission, the vision and the model resonated so strongly with me. As an African-American female tech expert, I have too often found myself to be either the only women or ethnic representative and often both. WSA’s goal to create international collaborations, enhance the spotlight on female speaker talent and to up the bar for the 21st Century business model is extremely compelling and an important part of my own values. I am proud to be among these talented, visionary and extremely committed ladies.