Shelly Elsliger

LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Strategist, Brand and Content Developer, Speaker, and Certified Coach,
Founder, Linked-Express™

Montreal, Canada


Shelly Elsliger, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Strategist, Brand and Content Developer, Speaker, and Certified Coach is a valuable resource for all professionals and business owners who want to learn a strategy, extend their reach, and have a worthy and valuable presence online. Shelly helps individuals, groups, and teams build an online networking tool, as well as a strategy, in order to build relationships, effectively and successfully brand themselves, and increase business.

Many people think that building a LinkedIn profile is enough but it isn’t. Shelly helps her clients successfully navigate and understand the only online complex, professional networking tool as well as the search algorithm so that they are benefitting 100% from their LinkedIn experience; not just on LinkedIn but truly LinkedIn.

Shelly always starts any social media networking and branding strategy with LinkedIn and her 6 C approach which encompasses: CONTENT, CONNECTIONS, COMPETENCY, CREDIBILITY, CONFIDENCE, and CONSIDERATION

Shelly is committed to empowering women, through her company Linked-Express, and gives keynotes and guest speeches on the topics of Leading on LinkedIn in High Heels, Connecting with Confidence Online, and Leveraging LinkedIn.

Shelly is part of the Leadership Team of WSA as the LinkedIn Branding and Content Specialist


Why WSA?

I am a big believer in power in numbers. The WSA community is a supportive community of like-minded women and it nice to know there is a one stop shop for getting what I need. It is the first place I go when I have any questions or am looking for some resources to help my business grow.

I also appreciate the fact, that WSA is global and made up of fabulous and talented ladies from all over the world. I am a born networker and now WSA is allowing me to network far and wide. The relationships I have developed via WSA are trustworthy, real, genuine, and encouraging.

After being an Associate member for a few months, I decided to take a leap and become a Premiere Member with no regrets. I have been featured as a guest on the Twitter #SpeakerChat and on WSA-TV, with Laura Rubinstein, as a Woman Leader. I am totally embracing, and appreciating, all of these wonderful opportunities and being a part of an association that is proactive, interactive, and truly motivating.

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