Branding For Speakers
The essential elements every speaker needs may surprise you.

As a speaker you can make your job of conveying your message easier with great branding. You’ll want to ensure you have just a few well done branding tools ready. If you give a great impression with the first visuals your event planners and audiences encounter, they will be more open to hiring, listening, and referring you. There are a few pitfalls to be aware of when thinking about the design of your materials.

Natasha Clawson is a Women Speakers Association Leadership team member who offers her insight and skills in graphic design, branding, and website design on this episode of WSA-TV’s Premier show. With strong visual branding you get that extra sense of confidence in you business that allows you to reach higher levels of visibility and influence.

Natasha regularly provides clients powerful branding and graphics that authentically represent their business. You can see her work at

Watch this episode to learn what branding materials are ESSENTIAL for speakers to have.

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