Let’s broaden our awareness around aging.

We are all aging and yes, we need to look out for ourselves and also consider others’ aging process as that may be us in a few short years. So often we are simply concerned about our looks and how we feel as we age. That is certainly important, but there are plenty of perspectives to consider when addressing aging (our own or another’s). If you’re caring for someone aging, if you’re concerned about your own process of aging, or if you haven’t even given a thought to the seniors in your life, our experts bring lots of ideas, food for thought and next steps.

On this January 31st WSA-TV Premier Show episode we enlighten you on how to age gracefully and well.

Featuring: Lucky Lauridsen, Cécile Raynor & Patty Hedrick

Lucky Lauridsen is a Business Strategist. She works with organizations providing products or services for Seniors. Her motivation is to raise awareness to the everyday challenges faced by many older adults, and empower employees with the right skills and strategies so their better equipped to assist them in a more caring, respectful and helpful way. Learn more about Lucky and her work at http://www.agewisebusiness.com

Cécile Raynor is a Mind/Body Wellness Coach. She inspires and guides people to dance the joy of wholeness using 3 integrated practices that she calls Cecile’s Wise Ways. They include: The Wise Way to Yoga & Integrated Yoga Poses, The Wise Way to Eat & Whole-Food Nutrition, and The Wise Way to Be in Your Body for Effortless Good Posture. Learn more about Cécile and her work at http://www.cecileraynor.com

Patty Hedrick is a RN Med- Legal Healthcare Consultant. She helps those who are actively aging, Caregivers, Attorneys and those who need help with care coordination. With 30 plus years of experience with Advanced Certifications in life care planning, rehabilitation nursing, disability management and case management her goal is to help individuals become as independent as possible, by providing an initial comprehensive assessment, resources, support and care coordination services. Learn more about Patty and her work at http://www.mlhcc.com

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: http://TransformToday.com