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Company Bio:

Mind Movies Transforms a Boring Vision Board into a Fun, Digital Video Vision Board Filled with Positive Affirmations, Inspiring Images and Motivating Music.

Mind Movies began in Sydney, Australia, when Ryan Higgins made a fun 3 minute slideshow style video of what he wished his life to look like.

Ryan uploaded his video on YouTube to share his vision with the world.

In no time, the inspiring video had hundreds of thousands of views. People from all over the world starting asking to him to help them make a movie about their life, with their dreams and their goals.

Combining forces with his dear friends Glen and Natalie Ledwell, the three embarked on creating

A simple place where people could create and share their own personal Mind Movies.

Since then, Mind Movies has arrived as a force in the personal development industry and a valuable contribution to helping people across the globe use visualization and ignite the Law of attraction in their life. With over 100,000 customers, countless endorsements from Personal Development guru’s like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Bob Doyle and Joe Vitale, and a slew of testimonials from happy, thankful customers who have manifested their dreams into reality, Mind Movies looks forward to hitting the 1 millionth person it has helped create their Mind Movie.

Why WSA?

A massive shift is coming…we all feel it…economically, politically, socially. Now more than ever it is imperative that women have a voice, a platform and an opportunity to genuinely influence other women, men and our emerging generations to think, act and be the positive change we need to be to help humanity adapt to these changes.

We at Mind Movies are honored to support WSA’s vision and WSA members to create an unstoppable wave of positive influence throughout the world.


Special Gift for WSA Members:

Get empowered to reach your goals through Mind Movies. Watching a Mind Movie everyday makes materializing your greatest passions and desires into your life fast, fun and easy. Mind Movies has already touched the lives of 1,136,000 people worldwide and YOU can be the next success story by claiming your free Mind Movies.

All WSA Members receive lifetime access to the Mind Movies 2.1 Creation Kit software, so you can create as many of your very own personalized digital vision boards or Mind Movies – movies to help you easily visualize your goals with emotion already achieved. Create you vision for what WSA will make possible for you in getting your message out into the world.