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Core Team Members

Liora Mendeloff

Business Collaboration Strategist
Santa Monica, California


Why WSA?

After 20+ years behind-the-scenes in the speaking industry, I’ve watched it evolve in extraordinary ways. It’s evident that what’s worked in the past doesn’t work any longer. The mindset and models around sales and marketing, competition and trade secrets, the hierarchy of putting “gurus” on pedestals, etc. has served a purpose up until now and has gotten us to where we are. This is truly something to be grateful for. However, we’ve outgrown those pants and are ready for something greater, something more expansive. As this universal fundamental shift occurs from an external referencing to an internal driving force calling the shots, the days of questioning our own competence, denying our own inner-knowing, neglecting the power to express what’s really burning inside us…are over. The time has come for all of who we really are to come bursting forth. I believe that Women Speakers Association is just the place for us to join forces and support one another in collectively designing who we want to be as individuals, as a community, as an industry, and as a global family.

Liora’s Bio

Liora Mendeloff is President and Founder of Woman Speakers Association (WSA), THE go-to place for innovative leaders, change-agents and women with a message to connect, collaborate and grow their visibility worldwide in order to fulfill their mission. As the first-ever global community for women speakers, WSA provides a platform for women to get seen, booked and paid AND be part of a growing network reaching women in 120 countries on 6 continents. Whatever her “stage”…be it the classroom, a boardroom, the floor of the U.N., Liora is dedicated to empowering women to authentically express themselves, build a thriving, prosperous business and cause serious transformation in the lives of their clients, companies, communities and the world. With 20+ years experience behind the scenes in the speaking industry, Liora is keenly aware of its evolution. Her belief that “collaboration is the new currency”, is at the core of WSA and her work as a Business Collaboration Strategist. Having adopted this view early in her career as COO for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Foundation, it remained at the heart of her career path as a joint venture broker, virtual book tour promoter and booking agent for prominent women thought leaders, best-selling authors and conscious entrepreneurs. A passionate mapmaker and maverick at heart, Liora is bound and determined to shake up the status quo and break new ground for how women grow their business, their bottom line and broadcast their message to the world. Liora serves on the Boards of Global Women’s Empowerment Network, Women’s National Book Association LA, World Trust Foundation and the Advisory Boards of California Women’s Conference and Trusted Team. She is also a Founding Member of Association of Transformational Leaders.


Gail Watson

Email Marketing Expert
North Vancouver, BC


Why WSA?

We as women are pros when it comes to multi-tasking in our attempt to balancing family, career, friends and our well-being. When “life happens” it often threatens these components that we work so hard to keep in motion. A woman will protect her family and household first, often sacrificing her own business and health. She puts many before herself. I believe no woman should have to fall when going through hard times. What if we actually reached out to help our “sisters” in a time of need, showed compassion, not only through words, but through our actions? What if we didn’t just talk about it, but took a stand to protect one another and show we will not tolerate seeing another woman being taking advantage of or cast to the wayside in a time of need? Women speakers Association is the forum to unite like-minded women who believe that walking the talk lends strength to all women. In this environment, we are equal and we are all in this together.

Gail’s Bio

Gail is an international Email Marketing Expert speaker who teaches powerful internet marketing and networking strategies to motivate change today.  She helps many companies increase their bottom-line by collecting the money they had left on the table, by not having a structured, and successful follow-up plan in place. Gail specializes in breaking down complex ideas into terms that anyone can follow and understand.  It’s all about less talk and more do. As the President of the Internet Marketing firm eXtra Contact, Gail has trained companies innovative techniques to improve bottom line results.  She has helped diverse clientele from Hollywood top wage earners, to restaurant owners and software companies, to non-profit organizations, to international seminar leaders, entertainment professionals, businesses of various sizes, products, and authors.   Gail has been featured in a number of publications including The Globe and Mail, National Post, Financial Post, CanWest Global across Canada, and ABC radio affiliates.


Aggie Kobrin

Event Director
Irvine, CA


Why WSA?

I work with amazing women and consider many friends not just clients. They amaze me with their passion, their focus and their commitment to all that they do. They honor me with their kindness and when the kindness isn’t authentic I watch their lives begin to crumble. From my vantage point as an event planner and very busy entrepreneur I cast a wide web and hold close only those people who resonate with my vision and my goals, and as I get older I begin to eliminate toxic people in my life and how much better I breathe. That’s why WSA means a lot to me. I found myself bringing to it only those people whom I truly care about. Imagine an organization where each of us brings our most trusted woman friends, colleagues, clients into it, thereby building something that is greater than all its parts.

Aggie’s Bio

Aggie Kobrin is founder and director of CEC Global Events, a vibrant event planning company that has produced extraordinary results for her global clients. As a consummate networker her business model was created with a vision of helping entrepreneurs and in particular women, create successful businesses. She has been a creative force on several independent transformational films that included planning the launch events, talent acquisition, film and book distribution. A visionary who sees gaps and creates strategies to fill them, her distribution network is firmly in place. As principal of this vibrant company, Aggie is an energetic creative thinker with strong sales, management and organizational skills. With more than 10 years in the trade show, conference and event coordination industry, she offers expertise, experience and creativity. She has been one of the most enterprising managing directors of the highly successful eWomenNetwork, a contributing author and a regular on TV and radio. Her clients and network include several women’s groups and organizations, dozens of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small local profit and not-for-profit groups. Aggie’s professional background includes many years of recruiting, training, and events management with an HR professional association. She has degrees in Psychology and Business Administration from York University in Toronto, Canada. She currently lives in Irvine, California with her husband and three children. CEC Global Events is based in Orange County.



Tracey Ehman

Virtual Marketing Director
Langley, BC


Why WSA?

When I first heard about the creation of WSA I was very intrigued. There was something about the concept and the message that its founders were sharing that made my hair stand on end. It was perfect timing for this association to emerge, and with the excitement and commitment of its founders, I knew it was going to be welcomed by those in the industry and those just getting their feet wet. I chose to get involved because I immediately saw what a need it could fill. My women clients, many of whom are speakers or who wish to add speaking into their repertoire so they can bring their unique gifts to the world, can benefit from such a heart-centered association. I am honored to be a part of this incredible adventure and am committed to helping WSA as it evolves, grows and flourishes. WSA, its founders and its members are close to my heart.

Tracey’s Bio

Tracey had over 15 yrs experience as a Systems Analyst when she decided to become a stay at  home mom to her two children.  After a few years, and introductions to incredible individuals through networking, Tracey decided to best way to be true to her gifts was to find a way to support others in obtaining their success and she began her Virtual Assistant business. During that time it has evolved to more than an administrative role with her clients, but rather a partnership, which has resulted in the ability to offer more services including customizing and building Word Press sites, modifying existing static sites, social media strategy, etc.  Tracey prides herself on providing optimum customer service and continuing to always enhance her education so she can be on the leading edge.