The Women Speakers Association Council is a body of extraordinary women speakers and leading-edge thought leaders from a variety of industries around the globe. Our shared vision, commitment and passion have inspired each one of us to step up and serve one another and our global community as advisors and mentors as we navigate towards a future we are creating together. We invite you to join the movement.


Please click on any photo below to meet our Council members and learn why we’re so passionate about Women Speakers Association…


Liora Mendeloff


Speaking Industry Expert

Santa Monica, CA

Gail Watson

Founding Partner

Email Marketing Expert

Vancouver, BC

Aggie Kobrin

Hon. Founding Partner

Event Director

Irvine, CA

Allie Longoria

Online Business Expert

Santa Monica, CA

Anne-Marie Dekker

Founder & CEO

Vancouver, BC

Ardice Farrow


Hollywood, CA

Arvee Robinson


Upland, CA

Barbara Niven

Media Trainer

Los Angeles, CA

Beverly Watts Davis

SAMHSA Security Advisor

Washington, DC

Candace Newton


Surrey, BC

Cappi Pidwell

Master of NLP

Irvine, CA

Cathy Lee Crosby


Santa Monica, CA

Cheryl Cran

Keynote Speaker

Vancouver, BC

Christine Kloser


Dallastown, PA

Cydney O’Sullivan


Sydney, Australia

Cynthia Kersey


Marina Del Rey, CA

Cynthia M Ruiz


Los Angeles, CA

DC Cordova

Transformational Leader

San Diego, CA

Deborah Koppel Mitchell


Santa Fe, NM

Gail Kingsbury

Speaker Industry Expert

Redmond, OR

Heather Porter

Online Architect

Sydney, Australia

Jane Deuber

Business Strategist

Pebble Beach, CA

Janet Bray Attwood

Transformational Leader

A Global Citizen

Jill Lublin

Master PR Strategist

Novato, CA

Dr. Joanna Martin

Speaker Trainer

London, UK/Melbourne, AU

Jody Colvard

Executive Producer

Chico, CA

Kim Duke


Edmonton, AB

Kimber Lim


Topanga, CA

Lenora Billings-Harris

Diversity Strategist

Greensboro, NC

Dr. Letitia Wright

Talk Show Host

Linda Hollander

Sponsor Expert

Los Angeles, CA

Linda Jimenez

Business Coach

Detroit, MI

Lisa Manyon

Professional Copywriter

Lewiston, ID

Lisa Schneiderman


Los Angeles, CA

Lynn Rose

Soul Speaking Expert

Marina Del Rey, CA

Melanie Benson Strick

Success Catalyst

Los Angeles, CA

Michelle Cameron

Gold Medal Olympian

Calgary, AB

Michelle Price


San Diego, CA

Paula Fellingham

Founder & CEO

Saratoga Springs, UT

Robbie Motter, CSL

Certified Speaker

Sun City, CA

Sharon Lechter


Paradise Valley, AZ

Sofia Agras

Business Feasibility Expert

Los Angeles, CA

Sylva Dvorak, MS, PhD


Pacific Palisades, CA

Tami Walsh, M.A.

Teen Life Coach

San Diego, CA

Tess Cacciatore

Social Entrepreneur

Burbank, CA

Tiamara Williams

Global TVProducer

Christ Church, NZ

Tracey Trottenberg


Los Angeles, CA

Wendy Robbins

TV Host

Taos, NM

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