Company Bio:

Running a successful speaking business should be simple, rewarding and give you peace-of-mind.  eSpeakers is a do-it-yourself system that makes it easy to organize, promote and grow your business . . . helping you spend more time in front of audiences doing what you love.

eSpeakers, recognized as the “industry utility” of the speaking industry, was founded by the late Art Berg, CSP, CPAE. Art was a successful professional speaker who believed that the right technology would play a critical role in the future of the industry as a whole, and in the individual offices of speakers, trainers and coaches.

Why WSA?

eSpeakers is pleased to partner with the Womens Speakers Association.  This association clearly knows how to empower women, helping them express themselves by inspiring others.   eSpeakers chooses to align with Womens Speakers Association because they’re refreshing to work with, connected to their members,  and extremely tech savvy women.