A Global Community of Speakers, Authors and Experts

Who is Women Speakers Association

WSA is the first-ever global gathering place for women speakers, authors and experts to support, mastermind and mentor one another as we, a collective, take a powerful stance in ushering in the voice of the 21st Century Woman.

Since 2011, WSA has been THE go-to place for innovative leaders, change-agents and women with a message to connect, collaborate and grow their visibility worldwide. We are in 120 countries, and we have an online presence that reaches into the millions.

Whatever your “stage”…be it a virtual classroom, a boardroom, the floor of the U.N., an internet radio show, physical stage or any other platform, WSA is dedicated to empowering you to authentically express yourself, build a thriving, prosperous business and cause serious transformation in the lives of your clients, companies, communities and the world.

Our Mission

We fulfill our mission of getting women and their message out into the world by offering innovative, interactive online and offline platforms for our members to connect with one another, and providing them with the tools, training and resources to support them in getting seen, booked and paid as a speaker or industry expert.

Our Vision

At Women Speakers Association, our vision is of a world in which women are empowered to authentically express themselves; to build a thriving, prosperous business; and feel a part of something greater.

Our Members

WSA serves women in every industry: from small and big businesses to for-profit and non-profit; from politics to education; from healthcare to Hollywood. Our members are committed to using their voice to powerfully inspire and educate others. We are dedicated to supporting both established and aspiring women leaders to step outside their comfort zone, think outside the box and be at cause in creating more optimal ways to do what they came here to do…deliver value, make a difference, and make their passion profitable.

Premier Members are women who want to clarify and own their voice, market and monetize their message or scale and leverage their business. We believe that everyone is a speaker and you don’t have to be a Professional Speaker to be a Member. Our Members are business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, and leaders. Women who use the platform of speaking, teaching, training and publishing to spread their message and influence their audience to advance their career and business, make up our global community.

CEO & Founder – Gail Watson

Gail Watson is CEO & Founder of Women Speakers Association (WSA), the #1 platform for women with a message. Members can leverage WSA’s speaking and publishing platforms to get seen, booked and paid AND be part of a global community of women in over 120 countries and 6 continents. Under Gail’s leadership, WSA has produced hundreds of best-selling authors, and has been providing its members with a global success system, since 2011. Gail is dedicated to empowering women to authentically express themselves, building a thriving, prosperous business and transforming the lives of their clients, companies, communities, and the world.


Meet the Global Team

We are a caring, collaborative community of 30+ committed, passionate and talented women. Each and every person on our team plays an integral role in leading the way and making things happen for Women Speakers Association and our Members.

We honor this body of extraordinary women speakers and leading-edge thought leaders from a variety of industries around the globe who share our vision, commitment and passion who have inspired each one of us to step up and serve one another and our global community as advisors and mentors as we navigate towards a future we are creating together.

Liora Mendeloff ∙ Gail Watson ∙ Aggie Kobrin ∙ Allie Longoria ∙ Anne-Marie Dekker ∙ Ardice Farrow ∙ Arvee Robinson
Barbara Niven ∙ Beverly Watts Davis ∙ Candace Chaput ∙ Cappi Pidwell ∙ Cathy Lee Crosby ∙ Cheryl Cran 
Christine Kloser ∙ Cydney O’Sullivan ∙ Cynthia Kersey ∙ Cynthia M Ruiz ∙ DC Cordova ∙ Deborah Koppel Mitchell
Gail Kingsbury ∙ Heather Porter ∙ Jane Deuber ∙ Janet Bray Attwood ∙ Jill Lublin ∙ Dr. Joanna Martin ∙ Jody Colvard
Kim Duke ∙ Kimber Lim ∙ Lenora Billings-Harris ∙ Dr. Letitia Wright ∙ Linda Hollander ∙ Linda Jimenez ∙ Lisa Manyon
Lisa Schneiderman ∙ Lynn Rose ∙ Melanie Benson ∙ Michelle Cameron Coulter ∙ Michelle Price ∙ Paula Fellingham
Robbie Motter ∙ Sharon Lechter ∙ Sofia Agras ∙ Sylva Dvorak ∙ Tami Walsh ∙ Tess Cacciatore ∙ Timara Williams
Tracey Ehman ∙ Tracey Trottenberg ∙ Wendy Robbins

Your Voice Matters

Your life’s journey, your story and the work you do in this world is your greatest gift. Whether you’re looking to clarify, market or monetize your message through speaking, publishing, or sharing your expertise – you are in the right place.