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WSA Publishing has partnered with New York based, Karen Strauss, Founder of Hybrid Global Publishing, to bring her expertise of publishing of over  200 BEST SELLERS!

Karen Strauss has worked in publishing for more than 30 years and has held management and marketing positions at major New York publishing houses, including Random House, Macmillan,The Free Press, Crown, and Avon.

She has worked with hundreds of authors as well as NY Times bestselling authors and celebrities such as: Martha Stewart, John Grisham, President Jimmy Carter, Og Mandino, Patricia Cornwall, Meg Wolitzer, Colleen McCullough and  George Will

Her publishing skills are highly endorsed for professional quality, excellent service and eye catching titles and book cover designs. Many of her authors are featured in the media, and at speaking engagements.

1. What does WSA Publishing do for women with a message?
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3. Do I need to be a good writer to work with WSA Publishing?
4. What if I’ve already self-published my book?
5. How do I get my book to be a bestseller once it’s published?
6. How long does it take to have WSA Publishing produce my book?
7. Will WSA Publishing get my book into bookstores?
8. How much of my time will it take to get my book published?
9. How does WSA Publishing compare to other hybrid publishers?
10. How does WSA Publishing compare to traditional publishers?
11. What is the benefit of working with WSA Publishing over self-publishing?

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