Founding Member Benefits – Revised

WSA Founding Membership

Becoming a WSA Founding Member provides a portfolio of exclusive member-only benefits that propel you and your voice into the world. Here are the benefits of your WSA Founding Membership:



GET SEEN, BOOKED & PAID!: Your membership puts you in front of speaker bureaus, meeting planners, event promoters and media professionals who regularly visit the WSA website and social networks looking to identify and book speakers and industry experts to present at their upcoming events, interview for their TV/radio shows (both traditional and internet-based), showcase in a webinar/teleseminar, feature on their blog, hire as a consultant, etc.

POST YOUR PROFILE ON OUR ONLINE MEMBER DIRECTORY: The online member directory enables you to update and manage your own profile and makes you visible to the meeting planners, agents, industry leaders and media professionals who visit our site.

We want to support our members in getting seen, booked and yes, even paid if that’s what you want! As such, we’ve partnered with eSpeakers, the world’s #1 provider of online directories for the speaking industry.  As a WSA Founding Member, you receive a complimentary eSpeakers Starter account (normally $179 USD/year), which allows you to post your profile in the WSA Online Member Directory.

GLOBAL INDUSTRY CALENDAR: Access to post your live events, virtual events and product launches on the global Speaking Industry Calendar next to some of the biggest names in the business like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Tony Robbins and others.

MEMBER MESSAGE BOARD: Unlimited access to post on the WSA Message Board. Share your upcoming events, product launches, and other exciting announcements on our Member Message Board. This is another great way to gain visibility and traffic back to your site.

GET SPOTLIGHTED ON OUR FOUNDING MEMBER MONTHLY CALLS: Eligibility to be spotlighted on our WSA Member Monthly Calls.

BE SHOWCASED AS A WOMAN YOU NEED TO KNOW: Eligibility to be showcased as a “Woman You Need To Know” in WSA’s eNewsletter, “The Voice” and featured in our blog, social media and YouTube channel.

BE FEATURED IN OUR MONTHLY E-NEWSLETTER “THE VOICE”: Eligibility to have you blog posts featured in “The Voice” and through our social media channels.


MONTHLY FOUNDING MEMBER NETWORKING CALLS: Access to our WSA Founding Member Monthly Networking Calls. Maximize your membership by participating in these interactive calls and get to know the powerful women in your WSA community.

Unlimited access to participate LIVE in our highly interactive WSA Virtual Roundtables. Get your voice heard! Learn, strategize, brainstorm and develop new ideas with your fellow WSA Founding Members on the topics you’ve told us are most important. This is where you can really play a part in creating new mindsets, models and methodologies, and define the new paradigm for the speaking industry.

MONTHLY Q&A MEMBER CALLS: Unlimited access to participate in our LIVE Q&A calls. These calls are designed for us to hear from YOU! This is where you get to interface with the Founders of WSA and get all of your questions answered.


HOST LIVE MEET-UPS: Eligible to host or attend member-hosted live Meet-Ups. Participate in networking and strategic partnership building opportunities with your fellow WSA members in-person!


PRIORITY POSTING AS A WSA GUEST BLOGGER: Unlimited access to view, submit comments to and priority posting as a guest blogger on WSA’s blog. This is one place where you can develop your brand with other members, showcase your expertise, and share your knowledge.  Becoming a guest blogger will help grow your visibility, position you as an expert in your field and increase your chances of getting seen and booked by the meeting planners, media professionals and industry leaders who visit our site.


YOUR WSA membership offers you an international platform to tap into the power of an already established community of women speakers. WSA has members all over the world for you to connect, collaborate and mastermind with.

WSA FOUNDING MEMBER SEAL: WSA members are an extension of our international brand and are given permission to use our image and likeness. By posting our “Founding Member” seal on your website, marketing materials, social networks, email signature, etc., you proudly showcase your association with an organization that is dedicated to getting women and their message out into the world. Through showcasing your affiliation with us, you help grow WSA’s brand, while also elevating your own credibility.


EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL PARTNER DISCOUNTS & OFFERS: WSA is continually building its body of global resources for you to get yourself and your message out into the world, grow your business and improve your power as a speaker. WSA attracts partners that offer a rich base of resources and tools (and expertise) that can help boost your brand and your business, and propel your speaking to even greater heights.


SPECIAL PASSWORD: WSA Founding members have exclusive access to password-protected areas of our site that serve as channels for growing your visibility and credibility as an expert in your field. WSA Founding Members enjoy exclusive access to benefits and products that are designed to support you in building your business and your brand. Being a Founding Member enables you to increase your visibility, credibility and gives you a voice within the WSA community. Here’s how:

VOTING PRIVILEGES: Eligibility to cast your vote and share your ideas in designing future Virtual and Live WSA events.

 * A portion of your membership dues will go to support women and organizations that empower the voice of the 21st century woman.

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