JumpStart Your Marketing


Company Bio:

K. Sawa Marketing International Inc. was formed in 2002 by the founder Katrina Sawa. It started out as a Marketing Consulting Company working with local Northern California small businesses. Since 2006 it has grown into an international business coaching and products company serving thousands of small business owners in over 15 countries. The primary mission of K. Sawa Marketing is to help entrepreneurs start up, grow and market their businesses online and offline, with more leveraged business models, programs, products and services. To create smooth-running, profitable business machines for its clients, K. Sawa Marketing uses systems and automated technology along with savvy sales and marketing strategies to build memorable relationships with its clients and for its clients. K. Sawa Marketing believes in providing authentic, above and beyond customer relations, delivering top notch programs and it helps business owners of all sizes and budgets no matter where you are in your business!

Why WSA?

JumpstartYourMarketing.com has aligned itself with the Women Speakers Association because of many reasons: 1) the integrity of its founders – JumpStart Your Marketing only aligns itself with people and organizations with the highest of integrity, authenticity and honor; 2) because of what WSA is positioned to do in the next few years; they are clearly on the fast-track to leading the industry as far as speaker resources are concerned; 3) of the many different opportunities WSA has for small businesses like JumpStart Your Marketing such as community, third-party partnerships and special offers and connections with what will be thousands of other speakers and bigger thinking entrepreneurs. K. Sawa Marketing is proud to be a supporter, contributor and cheerleader for WSA. The company will do whatever is needed to support the association or its members.