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Whether you are just starting out as a speaker, are a veteran to the “stage”, or somewhere in between, we want you to know that your voice matters! Your life’s journey, your story and the work that you do in the world is your greatest gift and we believe that the world is ready to receive that gift. The truth is…now more than ever before, the world needs YOU!

We honor you. We believe in you. And…we invite you to play full out in the call to define your own destiny as we take the lead in shaping the future of our industry. We are here to empower you to do what you came here to do…deliver value, make a difference and make your passion a profitable one. By focusing on supporting you getting your voice heard, you’ll not only play a part in transforming our industry, but all industries…small and big business; for-profit and non-profit; from politics to education; from healthcare to Hollywood.



Women Speakers Association is pioneering a new frontier and leading the way for women to take the driver’s seat in creating what’s to come. We are clear that this is a birthing process; a collaborative, co-creative experience that is being defined moment by moment by our members. We are committed to you being a part of our evolution.

Responding to what you want, rather than deciding for you what we are here to deliver, is what we stand for. Given that, we invite you to contribute your feelings, feedback and ideas and to participate in this pivotal, generative conversation; to express yourself authentically and powerfully; to be bold and take a stand; and to give voice to your truest heart’s desires.

To participate in this dialogue and be a part of our community, we invite you to become a WSA member today.



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A portion of your membership dues will go to support organizations that empower the voice of women.