Succesful Speaker NOW


Company Bio:

The mission of Successful Speaker Now is to help business speakers, government officials and professional speakers in Europe to sharpen their presentation skills, engage their audiences more effectively and to make a difference. Particular emphasis is on empowering European women to speak their truth and step into their leadership roles as change agents for good in the world. We believe that although the personal development training world is dominated by men, there needs to be more strong women that reach for the stage and use their voices to powerfully inspire others.  We intend to help develop these speakers/trainers of the future.

Why WSA?

We have partnered with the Women Speakers Association because we are a visionary company that is strategically positioned in Europe to connect the WSA with transformational women speakers who are making a difference in their own countries. Our two companies are aligned in vision to empower, mentor and inspire the 21st century women speaker, to see the bigger picture and to feel part of something bigger.