Tracey Ehman

Virtual Marketing Director

Langley, BC


Why WSA?

When I first heard about the creation of WSA I was very intrigued. There was something about the concept and the message that its founders were sharing that made my hair stand on end. It was perfect timing for this association to emerge, and with the excitement and commitment of its founders, I knew it was going to be welcomed by those in the industry and those just getting their feet wet.

I chose to get involved because I immediately saw what a need it could fill. My women clients, many of whom are speakers or who wish to add speaking into their repertoire so they can bring their unique gifts to the world, can benefit from such a heart-centered association. I am honored to be a part of this incredible adventure and am committed to helping WSA as it evolves, grows and flourishes. WSA, its founders and its members are close to my heart.

Tracey’s Bio

Tracey had over 15 yrs experience as a Systems Analyst when she decided to become a stay at  home mom to her two children.  After a few years, and introductions to incredible individuals through networking, Tracey decided to best way to be true to her gifts was to find a way to support others in obtaining their success and she began her Virtual Assistant business. During that time it has evolved to more than an administrative role with her clients, but rather a partnership, which has resulted in the ability to offer more services including customizing and building Word Press sites, modifying existing static sites, social media strategy, etc.  Tracey prides herself on providing optimum customer service and continuing to always enhance her education so she can be on the leading edge.

Heather Porter

Online Architect
Sydney, Australia

Why WSA?

For the last couple of years the current business models used in the speaking industry seems to be shifting dramatically and what has worked in the past is not working now.  What has inspired and moved audiences has left them unresponsive and even cynical now.  The marketing statement “walking the talk” has been slowly diluted over time because many speakers with questionable intentions have used it. Or maybe it has never been defined in the first place?  What does “walking the talk” really mean anyway?  And how do you find these experts, these gurus, these silent inspirations that are leading by example?   How do you find those that are leading by being transparent on and off the stage, that are leading just by being?  I see WSA as a new movement that is imperative to be a part of to see what is going to happen next on platforms around the world.

Heather’s Bio

I have produced and managed events for over 15 years in more than 80 cities and 20 countries around the world with some of the world’s top speakers, leaders and experts ranging from 10,000 person seminars to exclusive adventure travel trips.  From there I decided to pursue my passion for helping experts and businesses brand and grow their businesses online using the tools the world’s best internet marketers use in their own businesses.  It is my wish that everyone who has invaluable life or business expertise (which is really all of us isn’t it?) can share it online easily so that it is found by the person who needs it when they need it most.

Melanie Benson Strick

Success Catalyst
Los Angeles, CA

Why WSA?

I believe that women are the catalysts for a new paradigm of success and yet…so many of them hold back from stage by trying to model other people’s success.  What WSA stands for is a community of authentic, inspired and transformational women committed to supporting each other in achieving greatness through transparency and real power.  I’m beyond ecstatic to serve a community of women who believe in that mission.

Melanie’s Bio

As CEO and Chief Results Catalyst with Success Connections for almost 10 years, Melanie has discovered how to build a successful, thriving business with her secret weapon — LEVERAGE.  Having learned firsthand the difference between a struggling solo-practice and a thriving six+ figure business, Melanie works exclusively with entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and consultants who want to have a greater impact on the world without giving up their time freedom.  With over 12 years’ experience in Corporate project management, advanced results coaching and leadership development, Melanie turns her clients into profitable, high-payoff success stories. Melanie’s clients enjoy an average growth rate of 172% within the first year while creating more time for living their dream lifestyle. Melanie is on faculty at StomperNet, one of the world’s leading authorities on online marketing, is a Council Member for Women’s Speaker Association, and is co-author of’s Start Up Guide to Information Marketing Business.  Melanie has spoken all over the country and shared the stage with legends such as Chris Howard, John Assaraf, Barbara DeAngelis, Alex Mandossian, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson.

An avid lifestyle enthusiast, Melanie spends her free time in search of the best spas and beaches in the world.

Michelle Price

San Diego, CA

Why WSA?

Because face it, women are already empowered. It’s time to ACTIVATE. It’s time to accelerate the conversation about the dire necessity for a new feminine speaking business model beyond just talking about it, it’s time to BE about it. The definition of a leader is literally “to go first”. WSA is leading the way.

Michelle’s Bio

After 23 years in corporate America, Michelle Price escaped Cubicle Nation and put her first expert author on the map, online.  For 10+ years, she’s been on the leading edge of emerging social technology.  An online business model expert and futurist who has a keen eye for the next “big thing”, Price recently reinvented her own company into a new hybrid-breed digital publishing firm to help women authors and experts capitalize their intellectual property with the next big trend – Webucation. She’s calling it the new “feminine” online business model.   A self-described “social media capitalist”, Price is a Fierce Feminine thought leader who has discovered that there are only two types of social media.  One makes you money.  One just makes you tired.  Her signature specialty is “blue ocean” social strategy for experts with books – a positioning strategy that makes your competition irrelevant.

Jane Deuber

Business Strategist
Pebble Beach, CA

Why WSA?

I’m deeply honored to be a part of this movement that’s been created by the visionaries of the Women Speakers Association.  I view it as a “collective call” to my soul and an invitation to my spirit to be more of a “conscious player” in this movement to bring the heart, soul and brilliance of women to the forefront – whether on a podium or in our interactions with others on a daily basis.  You see, I believe that as women we have an obligation to share our unique perspective and gifts so that we can help bring the planet back to its natural state of contribution, collaboration and abundance and only by raising our voice can we impact change.  But we cannot do it alone.  Herein lies the brilliance of the WSA… as we lovingly and without malice, lend our support encouragement, talents and contacts to one another for the greater good.

Jane’s Bio

Jane Deuber is a speaker, author, and sought after business strategist to big thinking entrepreneurs around the world.  Armed with a Master’s in International Business Administration, Jane started her first business in 1987 with just $5000.  Since then she has taken two businesses to the multi-million dollar mark and helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve their dream of higher profits and greater personal fulfillment.  While serving as President of an association for women entrepreneurs in more than 20 countries, she was the lead writer for the best-selling books, Build It Big that have been translated into six languages.  Jane’s newest company – The Virtual Training Academy – is breaking new ground by helping thought leaders transforming their life-changing content into highly profitable, interactive online courses.   Whether starting a new business, coaching a client or speaking on the international stage, Jane is on a mission to transform the entrepreneurial experience into one that is deeply rewarding, highly profitable and truly life-changing.