WSA In The Media – July 2013

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WSA President and Founder, Liora Mendeloff, will be featured as an expert in the upcoming Wealthy Mind Warriors Teleconference: The Mindset & Methods to A Healthy, Wealthy Business.

You Were Born To Share Your Gifts And Thrive!

“Discover How To Tap Into Your Powerful Energy of Abundance To
Attract All The Clients And Money You Desire…”

Host of this teleseminar and WSA Premier Member Jenn August, Jenn August is devoted to helping business women shine, serve and thrive.

You are a once in a lifetime creation. You need more than cookie cutter business solutions that other people tell you worked for them.

There is a way to think, feel and run a business that resonates with YOU, and makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning.

Jenn has handpicked leading experts in each of the four areas of business to train you for FREE on the methods and the mindset to a healthy, wealthy business from July 10th – December 12th in the comfort of your own home – yes, it’s absolutely free.

Liora’s interview will be broadcasted  on September 4th. Click Here to learn more details.