By Melanie Benson Strick, The Big Idea Catalyst

As we launch into a new paradigm for speaking in our industry, I’ve been listening to how the Women Speakers Association was born. Having been a part of the original conversation and encouraging our founder to pursue this Big Brilliant Business Idea, I now realize how uncomfortable a journey it was for many of us.

As a catalyst for people stepping into the biggest way to express their brilliance, its easy for us to have ego guide us. Ego tells us all the things we “should” do instead of listening to our heart.  Our heart is where intuition and truth lies. Our heart is where we align with the people we are most meant to serve. Coming from our heart leads us often to feel like we are moving backwards to truly express our gift.

Sometimes we have to unravel all the junk we’ve been conditioned to believe and do things we never thought we’d want (or could) do to serve at the highest level. That’s what real transformation is about. I’ll share this quote from a dear friend that sums up the journey many of us have to take to get to our truth: “Sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do to have what you don’t know you want.” ~ Garrett John Kuebler What have you not been willing to do that’s holding you back from serving at the level you are meant to serve? It’s time my friend.

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