by Aggie Kobrin

I work with amazing women and consider many friends not just clients. They amaze me with their passion, their focus and their commitment to all that they do. They honor me with their kindness and when the kindness isn’t authentic I watch their lives begin to crumble. From my vantage point as an event planner and very busy entrepreneur I cast a wide web and hold close only those people who resonate with my vision and my goals, and as I get older I begin to eliminate toxic people in my life and how much better I breathe. That’s why WSA means a lot to me. I found myself bringing to it only those people whom I truly care about. Imagine an organization where each of us brings our most trusted woman friends, colleagues, clients into it, thereby building something that is greater than all its parts.

Aggie Kobrin has spent over 10 years in the events industry, her clients include Fortune 500 companies, women’s organizations, non-profit groups and more. She has been involved in several film projects from start to distribution. Her professional background includes years of recruiting, training and events management.  She is based in Orange County, CA