By Christine Awram, Founder, Woman of Worth

This is a subject that’s deeply personal to me. And if Oprah’s interview with Barbra Streisand is any indication, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Snapshot: Barbra has eight Grammies, two Oscars and a Tony, and is one of our era’s most legendary icons. Yet after decades of superstardom and extraordinary leadership, Streisand still wonders at times if she is “enough”. In her interview with Oprah she stated, “It’s about self-acceptance and finally believing that I am enough.” In this era of the so-called Superwoman, our capes get donned right along with the Pantyhose and Prada.

We have every technology at our disposal, from the tiniest phones to the speediest wireless. Our families are raised right along with our paycheques. We do it all, and we do it incredibly well. So what’s this “enough” fairytale about? I spent way too much of my earlier life believing I wasn’t “enough”. Thin enough, smart enough, rich enough – you name it, I wasn’t enough of it, and kept striving for more. When I discovered that this insidious false belief quietly affects millions of successful females and most women speakers, I was shocked … and yet also somewhat relieved to discover I wasn’t alone.

We’re already very good at “doing”, so it’s not about doing even more. If we keep putting ourselves on the fast-forward fast-track with little respite, our souls can end up on the back burner and then on burnout. Is this really the most powerful place to lead from? A WOW Woman Speaker is a leader that magnetizes, celebrates and inspires.  When Sandra Bullock was named Woman Of The Year 2010 by People Magazine, they quoted “Bad things happen, but Sandra celebrates the good ones.” Celebration is a key ingredient that distinguishes a magnetic and inspirational leader.
As with everything, it begins within. It starts with believing a deeper truth – that we are “enough”, more than enough, and actually quite fabulous. It’s not about ego, it’s about soul. And it’s a celebration of our magnificence that starts with an internal mind shift and ripples out to the thousands of people we influence. Tapping into our inherent worthiness creates a core of strength more enduring than titanium, and a sense of peace that’s more rejuvenating than a spa retreat. Results unfold with less effort, and increased joy and empowerment for everyone. Invite yourself to tap into this deeper core, with fundamental basics like:
– Establish an extraordinary and empowering mastermind team.
– Get help to get it all done – strategize the inherent multi-tasker.
– Take 5 minutes to BE – quiet the mind, decrease stress, increase clarity.
– Celebrate your remarkable strengths every day – they are endless.
– Create energy resources with strategic self-care, humour and … chocolate!
Every woman speaker is a leader, from random acts of kindness to leading a nation. The true strength and power of our empowered leadership comes from within, and it’s a resource that’s almost humbling in its magnitude. Tap into your WOW Factor and celebrate. Because every woman … is a Woman Of Worth.

Christine Awram is the Founder of Woman Of Worth WOW Events and Wellpro.  Diagnosed decades ago with a rare eye disease that should have left her blind, being a “medical miracle” refined her simple yet cutting-edge Strategic Self-Care system. A dynamic EDUtainment speaker, Christine radiates vitality and has inspired thousands to more empowered lives.  She also believes chocolate is a vegetable, as it comes from a bean.