By Jane Deuber, Business Srategist

I’m deeply honored to be a part of this movement that’s been created by the visionaries of the Women Speakers Association.  I view it as a “collective call” to my soul and an invitation to my spirit to be more of a “conscious player” in this movement to bring the heart, soul and brilliance of women to the forefront – whether on a podium or in our interactions with others on a daily basis.  You see, I believe that as women we have an obligation to share our unique perspective and gifts so that we can help bring the planet back to its natural state of contribution, collaboration and abundance and only by raising our voice can we impact change.  But we cannot do it alone.  Herein lies the brilliance of the WSA… as we lovingly and without malice, lend our support encouragement, talents and contacts to one another for the greater good.

Jane Deuber is a speaker, author, and sought after business strategist to big thinking entrepreneurs around the world. Jane’s newest company – The Virtual Training Academy – is breaking new ground by helping thought leaders transforming their life-changing content into highly profitable, interactive online courses.