By Merrie Lynn Ross, Award Winning Writer/Filmmaker/Actor

What makes an audience listen? What makes them laugh? What turns them on to you and what you are saying?

As an actress and comedienne…we learned to take stage or to give it. When it’s your turn to step up into the spotlight…all eye balls are on you. This undoubtedly is your time to shine.

Be prepared…know your material, like a script. Then deliver it like an improv. How to do that? Practice, Practice, and then Practice again, until it rolls off your tongue, without thought. Now, pretend you’re reciting it to your kids, your boss, your lover, a higher source.

In choosing who you recite it to, you are gaining the nuances of your share, what parts to teach, never to preach, always to reach.

Merrie Lynn Ross, award winning writer/ filmmaker/actor, starring in 35+ TV & Films, is known as daytime’s first comedienne. Internationally acclaimed as a lead child advocate.  Currently producing “The Bully”, stars on “MerrieWay Day “