By Commissioner Cynthia M Ruiz, Environmentalist and Community activist

Every morning I wake up and ask myself the question, “What am I grateful for today”? This helps me set a positive tone for the day and allows me to stay present.  It is easy to get overwhelmed by life in this complicated world so we, as women speakers, need to focus on the positive. The simple question helps me stay in the present. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday and diverts my attention from thinking about the future.  Today, treat yourself with love and start your day with a positive tone. What are you grateful for?

Commissioner Cynthia M Ruiz is an Environmentalist and Community activist who has a proven leadership record. She spearheads the City of LA’s Public Works Department managing a multimillion dollar budget and 5,000 employees. She also is a speaker and has a bookcoming out this Spring.