By Ardice Farrow, Seminar Leader

Over the years I have worked with and spoken to women all over the globe.  During that time I met so many accomplished and talented women who had important and impactful messages to share.  And yet, I found very few women were invited to speak at large conferences and events. In these challenging and complex times the need for feminine leadership and insights is critical but the mechanism to get these powerful female voices heard has been missing until now.   It is my privilege to participate and contribute to the Women Speakers Association, an organization which will serve as a formidable vehicle to connect dynamic, successful and experienced female speakers and leaders with eager audiences and groups.

Ardice Farrow is an entrepreneur, speaker and seminar leader who has worked as a creative consultant and executive producer for educational and entertainment companies like Apple, LucasArts, Disney, Warner Bros., McGraw-Hill and The Smithsonian.