By Sylva Dvorak, MS, PhD

With the current state of our world, it is critical that the voice of the feminine be heard equally with the voice of the masculine.  When a woman shares from the heart, healing begins…As a refugee I have a deep understanding of the need to express ourselves and be heard, especially, through the voice of the feminine.  To be part of a platform that supports women in all walks of life to raise their voice and speak, is an honor.  The Women Speakers Association is an organization dedicated to be empowering women to authentically express themselves and it is clear that this collective and unified voice has the potential to create great positive change on our planet.  Please join us!

Dr. Sylva Dvorak’s expertise is in social marketing and psychoneurology. In her consulting business, Dr. Sylva has had numerous Fortune 100-500 clients. Currently, her business clients are organizations that are dedicated to humanitarian efforts and she has a private practice based in Pacific Palisades, California. Dr. Sylva is originally from the Czech Republic and spent time in refugee camps as a child. Her passion is to help others find their personal freedom, which forms the foundation of all her work.