By Tracey Trottenberg, Speaker Trainer

I believe the world is starving for feminine leadership and role models that speak positively and powerfully, sharing her message in a way that says, ‘You can do this too’.  This kind of leader knows that when one woman succeeds, we all succeed, and when we come together, we are strengthened and supported in our greatness.  Finally, the WSA is the community and platform for such a feminine leader and messenger; bringing us together as we discover the new paradigm and share our voices to collaborate, create and grow.  I’m excited and honored to be part of this gathering of amazing women who are strong as they are soft, powerful as they are passionate, and authentic as they are awe-inspiring.  We are all blazing the trail of what it means to be a leader, speaker and role model in our true feminine strength and spirit, and now the WSA is our ‘home’ to intersect and interact together.

Tracey Trottenberg is the host of “Expose Yourself: How to Lead and Stay Feminine” on the WIN, creator of “Own, Honor & Unleash” Live Events and author of “The Strength of Feminine Leadership: Seven Strategies for Success”. With twenty years experience, Tracey has coached, trained and spoken to tens of thousands: from top CEOs to government officials, entrepreneurs, speakers and authors in the U.S., Canada and Caribbean.