By Sofia Agras, Business Feasibility Expert

WSA is a global forum for authentic communication, education, collaboration and leadership for women in business.  With platforms to speak on their own terms, women share stories of their triumphs and challenges, and become catalysts for the creation of a healthier, more synergistic world. This engagement allows them to become more effective leaders of organizations and communities. They propel millions to better face their circumstances and take action on a grander scale.  Women are at the forefront of change. They are forging new paths to reach goals that align with their core values, and are co-creating conscious businesses, becoming role models of the new paradigm. These are big shifts, and cannot be done alone. We must come together to offer support and guidance, so many more will become women of influence, and use business as a way to learn and grow.  WSA fuels the global transformation and evolution of women in their personal and professional lives.

Sofia Agras is a business feasibility expert. For 20 years, Sofia built companies from the ground up alongside the who’s who of technology, new media and personal development. As a business strategist, she advises her clients how to leverage their unique gifts to create huge profits authentically.