By Candace Newton, Producer

A message to a head reaches a head.. but a message from the Heart reaches the Heart….

Our privilege as speakers is to provide an opportunity to share authentically what impacts us day to day. It is my desire that those that offer me the privilege of listening take something away that leaves their lives better than before. That is my hope…

How can we do that?

Change comes from emotional experiences that compel us to want to do better and encourage us that there is hope in the face of common struggles. A message from our “hearts” in authentic, vulnerable. Identification towards the “hearts” of those who hear us, guarantees that our words and message will have an emotional impact. Ideally this will create encouragement, faith and the power and courage to move forward in site of setbacks and adversity.

I am committed to demonstrate what I have in common by opening my heart when I speak…my gift…my heart to yours…

Candace Newton is an inspiring speaker, MC, talk show & event host/artist management as well as successful television producer.  She has earned the respect of an extensive list of over 7000 contacts in the arenas of business, politics and entertainment.  She continues to build relationships on a global platform, and is known for her generous networking, strategic alliance and business collaboration on behalf of her many clients/talent.