By Cappi Pidwell, Master of NLP & Hypnotherapy

I’m excited that WSA is providing a place for so many powerful women to gather and share their wisdom and knowledge with the world!  It’s an important movement because we as women have so much to contribute.  It’s our time to soar in this business of speaking and empowering others.  It’s primarily been a man’s business up until about 15 years ago and women today are seeking so much more for themselves and others. Our natural tendency is to give and contribute to others and WSA is providing a wonderful platform to do that.

Cappi Pidwell is a leading expert in human behavior as a Master of NLP and Advanced Hypnotherapy and has been studying human behavior for over 17 years. As a business owner, speaker and inner success coach, Cappi works with individuals and corporations, educating executive management, sales professionals and entrepreneur’s on how to increase their mindset, both professionally and personally.