By Aggie Kobrin, Event Director

I’m in awe of the many women I know who stand on world stages inspiring thousands of people. But as someone who wants to help them succeed, I want to know why they so often don’t. Why are they afraid to charge the fees they deserve? Why do they often over-extend themselves? Why do they do for others before they do for themselves?

Recently, one of these women said something on a conference call that really impressed me. We were planning our next call and someone suggested early morning. Her response was that she liked to have that time for herself and was not prepared to forgo something that was really important to her. Good for her, I thought. She comes first – and that is important for all of us to remember, we always come first.

Aggie Kobrin is founder and director of CEC Global Events. With more than 10 years in the trade show, conference and event coordination industry, she offers expertise, experience and creativity. Three things she brings to her leadership as Co-Founding Partner of Women Speakers Association.