By Lorene Collier Purcy, Certified Entrepreneur Coach & Professional Speaker

Life balance is something that we all aspire to. And every year we resolve that this is going to be the year where we gain control of our life instead of it having control of us. At just the moment when life feels like it’s “in balance,” something happens to throw it off. Some people continue their pursuit of balance; some throw in the towel; and others never bother with life balance in the first place.

Imagine living a life in which your time is your own and where your opportunities for fun and enjoyment are equally balanced with opportunities for work.

Try making these simple changes to reclaim your time and achieve more balance:

o Decide that when you do something with friends or family that you will be fully engaged in the process. Do not allow yourself to have a negative attitude or be distracted by other things. You will find yourself enjoying the time and activities much more.

o Re-evaluate your traditions – If the old ones are causing you too much stress, too much money, and too much energy, choose some new ones.

o Choose to be “out of pocket.” We need to choose to be out of pocket more often. No cell phones, no email, no texting, no facebook, and no appointments.

How nice would it be to have more of your time be your own this Spring?  Give these simple changes a try.

Lorene Collier Purcy, a Certified Entrepreneur Coach & Professional Speaker, has been helping small business owners from legal and accounting choices to integrating their personal and business life.  Lorene makes a momentous difference in the lives of small business owners who are especially receptive to self discovery, ideas, and advice.