By Liora Mendeloff, Founder Women Speakers Association

With our first quarter behind us, we are amazed with the overwhelming response Women Speakers Association continues to generate. It’s evident that we’ve struck a chord as women from all over the world send us emails and posts, sharing their thoughts, feelings and deep gratitude for what we’ve set out to do with our collective minds and hearts.

One such member, Jan Arohanui, a Maori of the Te Arawa tribe in New Zealand wrote, “I feel the future of WSA has all the ingredients and incredible components destined for a far greater mantle of Mana, Aroha and Wairua. In Maori, this means the epitome of the person, the love and the Spirit in its totality on three levels: that which you think and feel, the journey you walk, then surrendering to what you came to do this lifetime.”

We are grateful beyond measure to have this opportunity to be on this journey with all of you, to be changing the course of an industry that is destined to give rise to the voice of women.

Thank you for surrendering to what you came to do in this lifetime and for sharing your magnificent self with the world.

To a new day!