By Tess Cacciatore, Social Entrepreneur

I’m  committed to WSA because I believe in the vision of empowering women to express themselves, through all forms of media. It is a passion of mine to create a space for women and children to have their voices heard and to be a strong advocate for becoming leaders in their own lives and in their communities.  My work throughout the world, which is tied into the United Nations and more, is centered around that very cause. The WSA platform is a great way to connect with like-minded women to make a difference in all of our lives and a way to make a global impact collectively, by uniting on a common ground.

Tess Cacciatore is the Founder and Executive Director of the World Trust Foundation, whose mission is to mentor the future leaders, and give youth of the world a voice, to create a sustainable future. Tess is also a children’s book author and creator of a series of product lines to instill empowerment for children and healthy living. Tess is currently creating a global movement for women and children with music, film, product lines and more beginning with and for Congolese and spreading out throughout the world to raise money and awareness for human rights.