By Gail Watson, Founding Partner, Women Speakers Association

I was watching American Idol last Thursday night…any fans out there?  Lauren, the favorite to win…the one with the big voice…the one that  the pros all say has ‘the best voice’, is who caught my attention. During her performance, she was delivering a powerful song, all was going great, then came time for the big note and she held back…she chose NOT  to ‘go for it’.   Her audience was on the journey with her, and when she stopped, we also stopped.     Jimmy Iovine said “she held back on the biggest note of her song.  Her lack of confidence in herself will take her out of this competition”.   I thought to myself , where am I holding back?  What is my big note that i’m not singing?   I am aware that as I go through a day, there are times when I consciously ‘hold back’.   Why though?  Is it fear?  Is it lack of confidence?  What if I didn’t hold back?  Now the question is what changes do i need to make in myself to allow myself to sing that big note when the time comes.     How about you? Where are you holding back?

Gail Watson is an international Online Marketing Expert & Speaker who teaches powerful internet marketing and networking strategies to motivate change today. She assists these companies in increasing their bottom-line by helping them get a structured, and successful follow-up plan in place. Gail specializes in breaking down complex ideas into terms that anyone can follow and understand.  It’s all about less talk and more do.