By Dr. Joanna Martin, Internationally Acclaimed Speaker

Women are different from men. Plain and simple.  For years women faught for equality with men (and while we’re on it- thank you sisters for the work you did)…but now we enjoy this thing called “equality”, my observation is this:  Saying men and women are equal is like saying bananas and passionfruit are equal.  It has no meaning.  They are both great fruit, both nutritious, and super yum.  But they are so DIFFERENT that any notion of equality seems odd.  So, why all this talk of fruit and what’s it got to do with the WSA.

Like many young female speakers, the only role models I had  when I started were men.  It was men who owned the industry, men who made the big impact, men who made the millions.  And so I modelled men.  And it took me nearly burning out, and getting far from my soul self to realise: I’m not a man!  I can’t do it the way men do it!  And I don’t want to.

So after some soul searching and gentle study of feminine power, I found my feminine flow on stage.  This is why we need WSA: to create a space for more women to recover, understand and trust their feminine soul selves on stage so they can create sustainable careers in speaking and leadership.   An organisation that speaks to the specific needs of women in the public eye, and nurtures them to express themselves and be rewarded massively for the value they bring? Count me in!

Dr Joanna Martin is an internationally acclaimed speaker and sought-after educator who has taught over 45,000 people on three continents. Based in London, she trains entrepreneurs and professionals alike in entrepreneurship and key communication and presentation skills.