Nervous Speaker

by Tracey Ehman, Web Mistress/Virtual Marketing Director

I know how much speaking can help you build and grow your business, and yet I almost feel sick to my stomach at the thought of speaking. So you can imagine how I felt when I actually committed to speaking at an event last weekend. What I found though, was that like most things in life, the anticipation, the unknown, was far worse that what I actually experienced.

It was a great opportunity to introduce people to what I know, and how I can help them, and it is important to get out there. As women speakers, we need to triumph over our fears and take advantage of vast amount of possibilities that are presented to us when we are willing to speak.

Please share the times you have triumphed over your fear to get up on stage…. even if for some of you that is a long forgotten memory.

As a proud member of the Women Speakers Association, and committed to supporting others reach their business success, Tracey Ehman is on the cusp on adding more speaking to her business.