By Cheryl Cran, Workplace Trends Expert

Women Speakers Association is a timely idea for a time when we are living in transformation and women are the transformers!  There are other highly valuable speakers associations such as National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation and they offer great value.  There is an opportunity for women who speak to gather and address the unique ways in which we do business, the way we communicate and the way we interact with audiences. Frankly, women are under-represented in the speaking world.  When asked to name top female keynoters in North America, most people can come up with only a handful of names.  Women need to step up and make their voices heard and the time is now!  The Women Speakers Association is a forum to network with women who are doing the business and to learn from each other, help each other to grow and to increase value for our clients and audiences.

Cheryl Cran is sought after consultant on trends in the workplace and a leadership and generations expert. Her consulting firm, Synthesis at Work, is a generational leadership consulting and training company with high-profile clients across the nation.