By Jody Colvard, Executive Producer

It is a great honor to be asked to be on the council for WSA, in the company of so many amazing women. Knowing the founder for many years, and where her heart is, I am confident that this space for women will be nothing short of brilliant.

It is my belief that women entrepreneurs transform society – for when a woman becomes successful, she does not stand alone, she pulls other women up with her, and together they use their resources to help and educate everyone around them.

There is a time and place for everything, and it is not a coincidence that we are all here together in this moment.  As a collective force, we have the ability to bring to life a shared vision…the question now is, what do we want to create?  Looking forward to seeing the magic unfold!

Jody Colvard is an acknowledged internet marketing icon, whose career spans over 14 years of business successes. As Co-Founder/CEO of FMG Network, a matrix of businesses delivering practical and inspiring information, to which Jody refers to as “the global tribe.” FMG’s mission is to “Have Fun.  Make Money.  Do Good.”, and she fulfills that mission via her training programs and distributional reach designed to empower writers, speakers, and experts to share their voices and messages worldwide.