By Faye Levow, Book Coach, Editor, Publisher

Most speakers understand the importance of having a product to sell at the back of the room. Products include CD or DVD sets, courses, and books.

The difference is that being an author brings with it an additional level of credibility and allows for increased speaking fees. Here’s an example: A woman, well-respected in her field, once shared with me that she was offered the opportunity to speak at a conference that she had long dreamt about, but because she had not finished her book, they could only pay her $400 to speak, instead of $4,000!

In spite of having courses and programs, and enjoying some success in her field, authoring a book would have increased her speaking fees ten-fold!

Unfortunately, most speakers are great in front of a room, but not so good putting pen to paper. Here’s the great news: Your book may already be written and you just don’t know it. Did you know that you can have your audio transcribed and edited, and then put into your book? If you are already writing articles and blog posts, those can also be part of your book. That’s called “repurposing content.” Another thing that stops people is not knowing where to go for publishing and distribution once their book is done.

The key is to work with someone who understands how to re-purpose your content, and get your book published professionally, in a way that supports your brand and enhances your credibility. I recommend what is known as “hybrid publishing.” This is a blend of traditional and self-publishing. In other words, it is a pay-as-you-go system, but the company is a true publisher, not just a glorified printer. They care about getting your message to your audience through
your brand and your voice.

I also recommend working with a book-writing coach who understands the particulars of writing non-fiction for the purpose of enhancing your brand and your business. They will help you stay on track in spite of your busy speaking schedule and be sure that your book gets completed in a timely fashion.

To Your Authorship Success!

From coaching to editing to publishing, Faye Levow‘s passion is helping authors get their books out of their heads, and get their message, in their voice, to their audience.  President of Launch Pad Publishing, Faye has 30 years experience writing and editing, and has been coaching authors for the last seven.