By Tiamara Williams, Screenwriter
Christ Church, New Zealand

“Because you are amazing”…. When I first heard that Bruno Mars song I played it over and over and so did many women I know, in fact I received the you-tube clip from a woman who I consider to be one of the most inspired, inspiring and powerful women I know.  WSA is because we are amazing, a place of recognition, celebration and affirmation for one and all in the process of each and every woman living into her greatness.  Believing in my greatness has been critical in my ability to contribute to the world and live the life of my purpose.  Here is a forum that connects us to ourselves, each other and our power to make a difference.

Born in Australia, Tiamara Williams was raised in Australia, the UK and New Zealand. She currently is a global gypsy based in New Zealand. Tiamara Produced and Presented her own talk show “Tia” in Canterbury New Zealand.  She has spent the past two years traveling the world producing and presenting a television series about “making a difference in the world”.