With January already behind us and our One-Year Anniversary marked, we cannot help but reflect on how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time…and what that means for YOU!

With women in 88 countries on 6 of the 7 continents a part of our community, and increasing traffic to our site from event promoters, meeting planners and media professionals (all looking to identify and book speakers and industry experts – that means YOU!), the world is showing us that it is time for The Voice of the 21st Century Woman…YOUR VOICE…to be heard!

We’ve had enough with powerful women speakers being “the best kept secret” because they can’t be found! We can’t stand by and watch any more women not being given the opportunity to get their message out into the world and have their voices heard. This is the purpose of our Online Member Directory, Industry Calendar, Message Board and all of our other membership benefits…to help give you the visibility you need to get seen, booked and paid!

Now it’s up to you to HELP US HELP YOU! Take advantage of all the opportunities we’re giving you and really maximize your member benefits. Take your New Member Survey and let us know what you want and need. We are always here listening so that we can better serve you.

To a new day,

Liora & Gail