By Dr. Joanna Martin, International Speaker & Speaker Trainer
Melbourne, Australia

Time and time again, I see talented and passionate women who think in order to succeed on stage they need to be ‘men’. This is hardly surprising because the most common role models of a successful speaker still tend to be male.

As a successful female speaker I often receive feedback on my authenticity from the female entrepreneurs and business owners in my community. They want to know how I manage to speak and sell from stage and yet stay authentic to my femininity.

The truth to being a successful female public speaker is simple.

Be yourself.

This means when you are on stage never try to put on an act or mimic or model another person. Instead honour yourself and the values you uphold.

Be You!

Do not try to be someone you are not. Do not model some hotshot polished male speaker you’ve seen, or try and be some kind of stand up comedian or anything other than your true feminine self

The irony is – when you are your true feminine self – this is when you have the most impact!

People really respond to authenticity. Audiences are not dumb – they can spot when someone is putting on an act. So when someone is true to his or herself on stage people connect to this on much deeper level and this is especially true for women.

Ask Permission To Be You!

For example, if you are a newbie and have some anxiety about public speaking then go ahead and admit to your inexperience as you introduce yourself. This is a great public speaking tip (especially if you’re afraid of public speaking!) so try to use this in your next presentation. Just ask permission to be you!

For example, if you’re not confident on stage or you have fear about public speaking – you could ask the audience: “Is it ok if once in a while I have to use my notes?” or “Is it ok once in a while if use my power-point presentation because this is my first time presenting this material.’ Your audience will respect your honesty and will warm to your authentic self far more than if you were to stand on stage and try to blag it.

You Don’t Have To Be A Superwoman!

When you admit to your flaws and admit you’re not Superwoman, people like that element of truth. When they trust you . . . they’re far more likely to buy off you too.

Here’s another public speaking tip for you and maybe even more important than the last. The first person you need to ask permission off is yourself. Yes, it is acceptable to be you! Authenticity comes from a place of acceptance and compassion. It also comes from a place of self-worth.

Is who you are worth sharing with the world?

Authenticity is peeling back the layers of the surface identity to reveal the bright, shining light of YOU.

So think about how authentic you are on stage or in your business. If you’re not as authentic as you think you could be, ask yourself why and what steps you can take toward your own personal and professional authenticity.

Dr Joanna Martin is an international speaker who having built her own 7-figure business through speaking, is now sought after by new and experienced speakers alike to help them increase their impact and income from speaking. To receive your free copy of the Presentation Profits Blueprint go to