By Debbie Potts, Speaker, Coach and Writer
Rochester, Michigan USA

I am filled with anticipation when I see the empty auditorium before an event starts. Who will fill these seats and will I be able to reach them? Each person comes with a different mindset, based on their personal style. Each style is looking for something different in your presentation. Using this knowledge will delight every member of your audience.

Dominant Choleric Leaders (D): They are busy, active and successful. Give them bullet points, verbally or in a power point. Credentials earn their respect. Stick to the point and make sure you have a tight outline. Honor the established schedule; make sure your timing is impeccable. Speak with authority.

Influential Sanguine Salespeople (I): They love people and stories. They laugh at your jokes, even if they’re not funny. These are the anchors in the audience, giving you great eye contact and smiling every time you look their way. Try to greet as many audience members before you begin speaking as possible. They will be impressed that they have a new best friend!  Make sure to include personal stories in your talks. They will gladly volunteer as an example or a demonstrator.

Conscientious Melancholy Accountants (C): They are detail oriented, deep and analytical, and appreciate order.  They may be checking the facts on their smart phones as you are speaking! This style is sensitive, and will react well to poignant stories. They love handouts. Thank them if they give you constructive criticism.

Steady Phlegmatic Negotiators (S): There is usually a lot going on inside their heads, they are deep thinkers. If your talk is slow or if your voice is monotonous, you may lose them. Use humor and vary your inflection. Use props and demonstrations to hold their attention, but don’t expect them to be the ones to get up. They don’t like being on stage.

A little bit of time invested in learning basic personality theory will ensure you have enthusiastic audiences, no matter what their
style. I recommend a great book called “Communication Plus: How to Speak So People Will Listen” by Marita Littauer and Florence Littauer.

Debbie Potts is a speaker, coach and writer. Using personal profile assessments, she provides Insight to her clients to assist them in taking the Action that will lead to effective decision making. Debbie has been a professional speaker for over 12 years, and is a Certified Personality Trainer.