Dawn Freeman, Freelance Writer
Greensboro, NC USA

Dawn Freeman has a wide variety of professional experience in Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Promotions, and Sales. She has worked both in Television and Radio contributing to both the news operation and production of broadcasts. Dawn now volunteers at her local non-denominational church as a tutor to underprivileged girls. In addition, she serves as a Stephen Minister with Greensboro Urban Ministries where she assists with the Chaplaincy Department’s Stephen Ministry Newsletter. She currently writes for a news website. Dawn also has a faith-based blog entitled “In Spirit and In Truth” where she blogs from her experience and knowledge using Bible scripture. She is a member of the Speakers Bureau at the Women’s Resource Center, a member of the local Inspired Writers Group, and a member of a Proverbs 31 Ministries Writing Critique Group on-line. Click here to learn more about Dawn.

Q: Dawn, why did you join WSA?

A: I am currently a freelance writer for a news website. I have volunteered with several different organizations, agencies, and ministries over the last couple of years. Through my experience, I really see a need for some changes in this world here locally as well as nationally and internationally. I want to help change this world for the better. I believe that the Women Speakers Association can help me with my platform, networking, and more training as a professional speaker. By partnering with this association, I believe that it will give me more knowledge and experience to get the word out and have my voice heard locally, nationally, and internationally. Therefore, I want to thank you for this Women Speakers Association. I appreciate you as well as your willingness and ability to help women like me. Thank you very much for your time and resources!